For businesses

Yes, it's free for you to join! 

In response to recent events, we have spun up a website to allow customers to purchase gift certificates for local small businesses in Cornwall, Akwesasne, and SD&G Counties. This helps us support our community, helps us encourage social distancing, and will allow businesses to stay afloat while we tackle this incredibly difficult situation. 

Many businesses are already making the difficult choice to close their doors for the health of their customers and the community.

How it Will Work

The customer will receive the gift certificate through email, where they will print it off and bring it to you (once we're in the clear from the EOHU), and you will take down the certificate # and keep track of the balance.

If someone purchases a gift certificate, we'll send you an EMT or e-transfer every Friday night of your sales for the week. We will keep a spreadsheet of orders so you can always check in to see how you're doing. Make sure to contact us so we have your email address on hand.

This is no charge to you and if all goes well, we can potentially make it a permanent feature for all our small businesses.  

If you aren't on the list, please reach out and we'll add you. Thank you so much.